Abby's Song

Trying to catch up on posts. Never have the time to devote to it. "Abby's Song", as I have dubbed this drawing was a commission for a friend and his wife.

This piece was done in graphite on bristol board using mostly 0.05 mechanical pencils with varying leads from 4B to 4H. I typically use Pentel Kerry Mechanical Pencils. One of the ones I currently use, I've had since I was in high school. I do take care of my tools but it also shows how great these pencils really are. Comfortable to hold and reliable. For larger fills I will use the Staedtler Mars 2mm Lead Holders.

I do take on commissions when I have the time. I'll be putting up a dedicated commission page on the site to explain how it works and the range of prices. In the meantime, you can drop me a line using the contact form

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