Corel Painter Lite and Masters Program

Corel Painter Master

I'd like to thank the crew at Corel for recognizing my work and adding me to the Painter Masters program. There are some incredible artists in the program, some I'm friends with already, and all of which I respect a great deal. I really appreciate it Corel!

Painter Lite illustration

A few months back, Corel kindly commissioned me to do the painting above "Rusty", which some of you may have already seen on the Painter site, Macheist site and iTunes app store. I used a biker friend of mine (Rusty) as the reference and it shows just how powerful Corel's new Painter Lite application really is and what you can achieve with less. It's not always about the bells and whistles but what you can create with the tools you have. Painter Lite is a great app for beginning and experienced digital artists and I highly recommend it, even if you already have the pro version of Painter.

Corel Painter posted a five minute video of my painting process using Painter Lite for "the 'Yawn!' painting which can be seen on Corel Painter's Youtube Channel

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