Erondu Portrait

Erondu Painting

"Erondu" is a portrait painting for Jared Erondu. Jared commissioned a monotone piece. Originally I planned on painting it monotone but thought I'd have some fun with an old-school color theme first then drop it back to monotone for him. I've provided both to him so he can choose which one he wants to use in whatever his final application will be.

Erondu brushes

I kept this piece really loose with no real blending at all; just overlaying brush work. I really didn't want it to be photo-realistic, even though it's close at small sizes. As you can see from the above slice of the full size painting, the brush work is meticulously placed but not as tight as some of my other paintings and not blended.

For those interested, the only brush I really used for this was the stock Acrylic Captured Bristle brush in painter 12. Sometimes varying the opacity and resaturation of it. It's a lot of fun to limit yourself to one (or two) brushes in a project, much like photographers limiting themselves to one lens.

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