Little Brother

The title of this painting is appropriately "Little Brother" for Tucker, the brother I didn't know I had until two years ago next month. You can read that story in the original format.

This was painted in just under ten hours using Corel Painter 12 and a Cintiq 12wx working from black and white reference(s). If you haven't worked off of black and white references, I highly recommend it. What I like about it is I don't get hung up on trying to replicate color verbatim. I like to be a freer with my color application and use a little imagination. This is another reason I use a limited palate when painting.

The only problem I had this time around is that the eye color was wrong by a few shades (hazel vs. brown). My Sister, Brother and I all have eye colors that change color. My sister and I have hazel shifting to green and Tucker has brown shifting to hazel. A simple mistake and one that was corrected within 30 seconds this morning.

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