Self Portrait Caricature Painting

Self Portrait Caricature Painting

Most people know me as a "Devigner" (developer + designer) or "Hybrid" doing design and development with Django. One of the things I wanted to do this year was exit my comfort zone and push my personal limits. I haven't really done any digital painting before and was never really comfortable with my Wacom Intuos4. Back around Christmas 2010 I decided to poke around online and see what was available and something I could do from the comforts of my home studio. I signed up for the course Paul Moyse offers and gave it a go.

I've done a lot of portraits over the years and used to do wildlife art but I really never thought about caricature before. I found this a perfect fit for leaving this comfort zone of mine. One of the assignments from Paul was to do a self-portrait caricature. Once I got started sketching I asked my self why I wanted to do this again? This was really a grueling assignment. After literally about two dozen sketches I finally landed on a likeness I was happy with and started painting. This piece was painted in Photoshop using standard brushes and took about 25 hours. Probably more due to the fact that I was overly critical painting myself for a change.

Above is the finished piece which I'm now using as my profile pic on twitter these days. If you're an artist and want to jump to a new level, I recommend Paul's course.

I put together a time-lapse of the painting process on dribbble a few weeks ago that you can see over here Unfortunately I neglected to loop the animation and dribbble doesn't have a replace image feature so you'll have to refresh to watch it again. Sorry!

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