That's a Fact Jack!!

I've been super busy in the studio for the past week working on a portrait painting of Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. I'm a fan of the program and I think his character makes the show. And that's a fact Jack! In addition to his character, I just had to paint that beard!

That's a fact jack - painting of Si Robertson

The funny thing is, I've posted photos of the progress of this painting throughout the week and I don't know how many times people have joked that that's me in 20 years or that it looks like a family portrait twitter profile pic. Hah!

Limited Edition of 75 Prints

I've had a alarming request for prints of this painting. Man, there's a lot of Duck Dynasty fans floating around. I've loaded the shop with order information for these. I will only print 75 of these and they will be signed and numbered.

Instructional Videos

During this piece I recorded all eight to nine hours of the painting process and I am now editing video/audio for TWO instructional videos that are now in the shop .

The first video details the process of going from sketch to painting and covers blocking, detailing, blending and touches on color theory.

The second video covers painting hair. This is tough for some to grasp and it's one of my favorite parts of painting portraits. I felt this warranted it's own video. Learn how to paint the hair and make it believable to the viewer.

While this video is recorded as I'm painting in Corel Painter 12.x, the concepts will work in any digital painting application including some traditional methods.

Both videos are loaded into the shop

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