Digital Portrait Painting Bundle


Digital Portrait Painting Bundle

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In this limited offer bundle you'll get both videos (2 hours of content) 

1. Digital portrait painting: blocking and detailing 
2. Digital portrait painting: hair

Digital Portrait Painting: Blocking and Detailing

This video is one hour and eight minutes and will show you how to go from sketch to painted portrait. Greg starts from a sketch of Si Robertson and shows how to block in a painting, detail, blend colors and touches on theories of color for skin and portrait painting.

A three minute preview of this video can be seen on YouTube

Digital Portrait Painting: Hair

This video is approximately one hour long and will show you that hair is fun to paint but doing it right is a challenge. In this video Greg will show you how to effectively paint hair and how to think in layers.

While these videos are recorded using Corel Painter 12.x, the concepts will work in any digital painting application including traditional methods.

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